Who am I.

My name is Martin Hermens, I am 21 year old boy and live in Vlissingen in
The Netherlands.
I have been in the IT for 9 years and have 3 years experience as a programmer.
My biggest interest is ethical hacking and I already have quite some experience working with many companies.

I follow as education "MBO 4 Applicatie- en mediaontwikkelaar" in
The Netherlands.
This is a education where i learn the basic's of programming in multiple programming languages and learn to work with the database mysql.
Outside of school, i do as hobby bug bounty hunting and try to find leaks in websites that have responsible disclosure policies.
As example a few companies where i've worked for where: KPN, NPO and Hostinger.
As a extra i also make multiple projects to better understand how systems work.
Such as: I made a "hash cracker" because I wanted to know how a hashes where broken and if i could make it better than the software hashcat.

Outside of security testing I do rescue swimming every Monday.


2019 Hackoclipse

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