Who am I.

My name is Martin, I am 23 year old boy and live in the province Zeeland in
The Netherlands.
I have been in the IT for 10 years and have 3 years experience as a programmer.
My biggest interest is ethical hacking and I already have quite some experience working with multiple companies.

When i'm not hired by companies than i do bug bounty hunting on platforms like Hackerone or Bugcrowd and try to find vulnerabilities in websites that have a bug bounty program.
A few companies where i've found vulnerabilities where: KPN, NPO, SNSBank and Hostinger.
As a extra i also make multiple projects to better understand how systems work.
Such as: I made a patch for the vulnerability "Internal Server Side Request Forgery" (SSRF), because I wanted to know how to prevent this vulnerability and wanted to prevent that other companies are being hacked by this leak.
Outside of security testing I do rescue swimming every Monday.

XS4ALL Blog Post: Click here.
Hackerone: https://hackerone.com/bl4ckh4ck5
Bugcrowd: https://bugcrowd.com/bl4ckh4ck5

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